The Ciao Famiglia website started life in 2009.  It was originally intended to be a few summary pages containing Fletcher, Sproule, Burton and Aldous family histories over the past one to two hundred years, but it kind of grew and developed a fun life of its own, with the discovery of original documents, graves going back to the early 1700s, and church records going back another 100 years plus. 


The project has also given me the opportunity to make new family related friends, and to visit and get to know lots of very beautiful parts of England.


The website is written in Microsoft "Front Page".  Sadly Microsoft has abandoned Front Page completely, and now our excellent hosting site "Bluehost" is also not able to keep supporting it.  So from June 2015 we will not be able to access / edit anything, though the web material should be viewable for visitors for a bit. 


Our family data of course remains with me, and is more extensive than that on the website.  I can still be contacted at afletch at paradoxplace dot com. 


Adrian Fletcher






8 generations of .... Fletchers, Burtons, Procters, Middlecoats, Hamptons, Hicks, Lockes, Webbers, .... Dixons, Sutcliffes, Dobsons, Stringers, Ashtons, .... Aldouses, Pooles, Whitings, Sewards, Haws, .... Sproules, Robinsons, Waughs, Hendersons, Stewarts, Falconers, , Hamiltons, Coopers, and lots of others since 1650.





Adrian & Angela at Old Bell House, Somerton, Summer 1948



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7 generation family tree - coloured in to show where everyone lived and what they did


Timeline of England and Us for the last 800 years


and table of


 births marriages deaths - dates places certificates church records covering 6+ generations





the parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of


Adrian Fletcher & his sister Angela Williams







Mother's Side

Marguerite Aldous (Peggy) Sproule



Father's Side

Colonel Michael James Rex (Michael) Fletcher



Grandmother Clare Stewart (Clare) Sproule (Aldous)


Grandmother Ethel Henrietta Florence (Em) Fletcher (Burton)


Ancestors of

Dr George Frederick Aldous

and Isabella Henderson Stewart






Aldous, Whiting, Poole, Strutt, Salmon, Seward, Haw, Stevenson, Stewart, Waugh, Henderson




commentary, chronology, photos & documents



Poole, Strutt, Salmon - Harleston, Redenhall, Diss, Norwich - Draper maybe from Fincham


Whiting - Homersfield, Norfolk / Suffolk Yeomen, Gentlemen & Grocers


Aldous - Norfolk & Portsmouth (British Navy) church wardens, Grocers, Grog Merchants, Plymouth Surgeon


Seward - Hampshire & Sussex Yeomen Farmers, Millers & Lime Miners,    Haw - Oxford St  Builder,     Stevenson - Westminster then Godalming


Stewart - generations of Scottish House Painters, then a Melbourne Lord Mayor & top Solicitor in town


Waugh - Belfast & Melbourne Baker,    Henderson - Belfast Merchants & Churchmen



Ancestors of

Surgeon Lt-Col John Adolphus Burton

and Georgiana Ernstin Middlecoat






Burton, Locke, Hampton, Middlecoat, Hambley, Demountfryart, Fane, Webber, Incledon et Devon & Cornwall al


commentary, chronology, photos & documents .....


1700s - the Exciting Bengal Presidency Years


Hampton - early (from 1710) EICo Calcutta Buxee, Merchant, Commissioner

Hampton - Colonel in Bengal Native Infantry 1760s, 70s & 80s, contemporary of Governor Warren Hastings & Genl William Palmer, serious Calcutta properties owner


1800s - an expanded cast in Dublin, the West Country, London and the Madras Presidency during the Victorian Century


Webber / Incledon - from Braunton & Barnstaple and eventually a Madras Army Maj-General with an illegitimate (ours) and legitimate family

Middlecoats, Locke & Hamptons - Officers in the Madras Artillery and Native Infantry through the 1800s

Locke - indigo planter, British India civil servant

Burtons - Madras Artillery gunner from Dublin St Pauls, Ireland, EICo Writer, Indian Medical Service Doctor through the late 1800s


Middlecoats, Demountfryarts and others in Cornwall in the 1700s / early 1800s


Middlecoat - Cornish innkeeper, convicted rotten borough political fixer and very long-lived rogue plus earlier generations of Cornish ancestors including Hambly, Saunders, Henna, Teague and

Dr George Demountfryart - Mayor of Bodmin in 1691, 1694, 1700, 1712,  & 1716



Mother's Side

Marguerite Aldous (Peggy) Sproule



Father's Side

Colonel Michael James Rex (Michael) Fletcher



Grandfather Brigadier James Chambers (Jimmy) Sproule


Grandfather Dr Frank Rex (Jimmy) Fletcher


Ancestors of

First Cousins Alex Sproule and Matilda Sproule




Sproule, Robinson, Harpur




commentary, chronology, photos & documents




Sproule (Co Tyrone family, Immigrants in Peterborough (Ontario), English Army Doctor in India & Egypt, Photographers)

Robinson (Co Tyrone Doctor)

Harpur, Davis, Mathewson (Co Tyrone families)




The Sproule family in County Tyrone (Ireland)


Jimmy Sproule and Clare Aldous marry in 1915


The World War 1 years


After WWI - the Sproules in India, England, and Egypt


Jimmy, Clare, Peggy and Brian Sproule in Egypt and Palestine, 1936-44



Ancestors of

Frank Edward Fletcher and Elizabeth Stringer Procter




Fletcher, Procter, Dixon, Sutcliffe, Dobson, Stringer


commentary, chronology, photos & documents


Fletcher, West & East Yorks     Sutcliffe & Dixon, Calder Valley 


Procter, Teesdale York & East Yorks     Fletchers in Folkestone


Fletcher (W Yorkshire woolcombers going back to before the Industrial Revolution)

Fletcher (Scarborough ironmonger, Kent choirmaster / organist, British Army & Kent medical specialist)

Procter (Barnard Castle & York Chemysts, Tea Merchants & Grocers, Scarborough Drapers & Milliners)

Dobson & Stringer (Scarborough families)  Ashton (York & Bubwith Coachman)

Dixon (W Yorkshire Cotton Mill Supervisor, Lancashire Shop Keeper & Political Writer)

Sutcliffe (W Yorkshire Cotton Mill Opewrative / Owner)


The remarkable 120 Year Story of John and Maria Fletcher

and their son Frank Edward Fletcher (FRCO)


Frank Edward Fletcher and Elizabeth Stringer Procter

Family Photos


Jimmy Fletcher and Ethel Burton marry in 1915


Captain Jimmy Fletcher RAMC photographs WWI in Mesopotamia 1917-18




Sailing to New Countries - Three Centuries of Emigrants



4 Generations in beautiful Buriton, Hampshire 1750 - 1900

Seward, Aldous, Haw, Stevenson



Early generations of Procters in Staindrop, Brignall, Rokeby and Barnard Castle - 1700s 



WWI, James Sproule, 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 131 Field Ambulance and the 38th (Welsh) Division



John and Maria Fletcher in Oxenhope and Scarborough, 1800s



Colonel Jimmy Sproule & family in Egypt 1935-1944



The Middlecoat, Hambly, Demountfryart et al families, in Cuby with Tregony, Falmouth and Bodmin (Cornwall) 1600-1840



Captain Jimmy Fletcher RAMC photographs WW I in Mesopotamia 1917-18



James Cooper Stewart - Scottish Immigrant, Legal Star and Mayor of Melbourne, and his father-in-law Robert Waugh, very very early Melbourne baker from Belfast




Children of James and Amelia Stewart



Peggy Fletcher


dedicated to the memory of Peggy Fletcher (Sproule) 1917 - 2005  -  a fine person

30 July - Peggy's birthdays were always a special event in her year



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