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Jimmy Fletcher marries Ethel Burton 1915


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1914 - Jimmy joins the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)



and starts off by getting the job of Medical Officer (MO) to the 2nd / 3rd County of London Yeomanry (The Sharpshooters) who despite their natty title were to spend the war in England with an absence of real shooting. 

1915 - Frank Rex (Jimmy) Marries - Sunday 15 August





Lieut Frank Rex (Jimmy) Fletcher RAMC (25) - marries Ethel Henrietta Florence Burton (also 25) in the very drab Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene, (Old) Milton, Hampshire.  Why there ? - Ethel's Dad was in charge of a rehab centre for wounded Indian soldiers at Barton, and Frank Rex (now known as Jimmy) was probably also stationed in the area.


LINK to page about Jimmy Fletcher in "RAMC in the Great War"










September 1917 - Captain Jimmy Fletcher





seems to have spent the first three years of the WW I as MO to "B team" battalions who had opted to stay in England (as presumably he had as well).  As of mid 1917 he was the MO of the little known 2/5 Royal West Kent Regiment who were then camped happily with their horses at Barham windmill (above) near Canterbury (in fact they were so irrelevant that they were disbanded later in the year).  Our man really liked horses, as reflected in several of the photos he took, and MOs were allocated their own superior nags (and grooms) by the army.


Captain Fletcher presumably decided to make a more significant contribution to the war effort without going so far as a Field Ambulance on the Western Front like his brother-in-law Charlie Burton or my other grandfather Jimmy Sproule.  In mid-September 1917 he set sail on the Union Castle Line's "Durham Castle" for a (leisurely) voyage round the Cape to Basra, and thence up the River Tigris to Baghdad (February 1918) - which had been well and truly recaptured from Ottoman forces about a year earlier by General "Systematic Joe" Maude. 


Happily Jimmy also bought himself a new camera, and we have the negatives of several hundred photos he took in Africa, Mesopotamia and India over the next 6 years.


Farewell at Barham Camp (Nr Canterbury) 10 Sept 1917

Ethel Fletcher (Burton) (pregnant wife), Elizabeth Fletcher (Procter) (Mother), Jimmy Fletcher, Gwen Fletcher (to be Kingdon) (Sister).


Ethel and Terry Burton at breakfast - September 1917






Mid-September 1917 - Jimmy F sets sail on the Union Castle Line's RMS "Durham Castle"


On board getting to know you fun - Tie and Cigarette Competition - 18 September 1917

 - wonder how to play !



Freetown market - 27 September 1917



Port Elizabeth Tour - 19 October 1917 - Jimmy F is the one in the middle front surrounded by women.



Capt Jimmy Fletcher, RAMC, at Durban Swimming Pool - 29 October 1917



Zanzibar Beach - 8 November 1917.  This photo has been used on the cover of a book, my grandpa would have been so chuffed!



Zanzibar Markets - 8 November 1917


November 1917 - Capt Jimmy Fletcher arrives in Mesopotamia





by which time Baghdad etc had been well and truly recaptured, and Jimmy's photos indicate a fairly relaxed life of huntin and socializing, with the odd River Sick Boat with prisoners on board passing through.  The good Captain's day job was Adjutant of the River Sick Convoy. 





1917 - 1919 Mesopotamia (today's Iraq)





The Anglo Persian Oil Company (later BP) refinery at Abbadan (November 1917) - what it was all about




Basra - November 1917



Coffee Shop at Ashar - November 1917



First time in Baghdad - February 1918


23 April 1918



Michael James Rex Fletcher is born back in London (Princes Gate).




Back in London, Ethel gives birth to Michael (Adrian's Dad) on 23 April 1918





1918 - More photos from Iraq




March 1918 - Hospital ship loading



March 1918 - PA 1 leaves dock - the hospital ships were old paddle steamers commandeered by the army



Hospital ship number 12 - May 1918



The exception was HMS Moth, an Insect Class purpose build river gunboat



Sisters Webb and Mann being chatted up on a river outing - April 1918




Amira Grain Bazaar - August 1918



"Visit by locals" - October 1918 - Jimmy the horseman would have loved these nags!





November 1918 - Armistice ends WW I




Proclamation Day Salute, Indian Foot Regiments and Cavalry - 23 November 1918

There were 700,000 Indian troops stationed in Mesopotamia







Peacetime, but not for ducks - December 1918



Horse and pipe loving doctor - January 1919. 



End of war revue - February 1919 - FRF white trousers, centre stage - he was a consummate Gilbert and Sullivan man!






plus picnics with "Nurse Dorothea" - this one on 11 February 1919 - the lovely nurse (wonder who she was) features in several of Jimmy Fletcher's negatives at the end of his time in Mesopotamia, but does not seem to have made it into any of the little print albums shared with wife Ethel back in England !



Dorothea - 12 February 1919



The farewell picnic pic - 10 March 1919





after the end of WWI (November 1918) Jimmy Fletcher goes regular in the RAMC, and in 1919, after a few more picnics, duck shoots and horse rides, is moved on from the Tigris River,  via Bombay and the Taj Mahal (8 May 1919) in Agra, to the British Military Hospital at Murree Hill, 40 miles from Rawalpindi, where Ethel and little Michael join him.  


WWI ended, but the pics kept flowing from NW India (now Pakistan) until the family returned to the UK in 1923.  After this there were a few family photos from Folkestone's beach, and a few more from a Sierra Leone posting, after which, sadly, nothing.






Bombay sea view 3 May 1919



Bombay Railway Station 2 May 1919




Grand Hotel, Gwalior 10 May 1919




Taj Mahal (Agra) - 8 May 1919



Grandson Adrian returns - February 1998



Taj Mahal - view from a minaret, not available to today's tourists !




Murree Hill from Clulekee Gali Rd - 1921


Jimmy, Ethel and little Michael in India



Documents and photos related to the Fletchers in the 1900s