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James Cooper Stewart 1836 - 1919 (83)


James Cooper Stewart (his story)    Diary of his voyage to Australia    Extract from History of Mallesons    James Stewart's descendants



Image courtesy of City of Melbourne Art and Heritage, photographer Louis Porter.


1887 portrait of James Cooper Stewart as Mayor of Melbourne (1885-86) by Portuguese artist Artur Jose de Sousa Louriero.

The portrait, now in the Melbourne Town Hall, was funded by public subscription - imagine that happening today!




Several portraits of James Cooper Stewart appeared in the press after he was elected Mayor of Melbourne in 1885.

This one was in "The Australian Sketcher" of 21 October 1885.



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James Cooper Stewart (1836 - 1919 (83)) and Amelia Henderson Stewart (Waugh) (1841 - 1903 (62))

and family in Melbourne 1886



James Stewart, Mayor of Melbourne 1886, and his family.


location of original unknown - probably a hand coloured photo taken at Edzell ?



Family portrait when James Stewart was Mayor of Melbourne (1885 - 1886)


Standing: Gordon (1862 - 1906 (44)),  George (1864 - 1938 (74)),  Isabella (Aldous) (1865 - 1938 (73)) 


Seated: Ethel (Staples) (1880 - 1950 (70)),  Amelia (née Waugh) (1841 - 1903 (62)),  James (1836 - 1919 (83)), 

May (Watson) (1877 - 1957 (80)),  Frederick William (1872 - 1916 (44) killed fighting in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France during WWI)



Mayoress Mrs J.C.Stewart lays the foundation stone of the third (and final) Prince's Bridge in Melbourne

September 7 1886



Foundation Stone of the Princes Bridge Melbourne laid by the Mayoress, Mrs Stewart, 7 Sept 1886


September 7 1886

State Library of Victoria Collection - Mayor Stewart is in focus bottom centre but Ma on the left seems to have moved her head!



Princes Bridge, Melbourne


The Prince's Bridge (Melbourne) in the late 1880s.  The bridge architect was J H Grainger (father of Percy Grainger the composer) and one of the engineers working on it was John Monash, famous later as one of the few respected WW I generals.  This print is in the collection of the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne. We think the foundation stone is at the base of the road bridge on the far side.



Photo: Emily Fletcher




The ceremonial trowel presented to Mrs Stewart by the contractor, David Munro & Co.

The beautiful silver trowel was bought at auction on July 2008 by Museum Victoria for $25,000.



Photo: Emily Fletcher


Nearly 100 years after Stewart's death, this is today's (unchanged) Princes Bridge and (changed) skyline.

The foundation stone, now with new landscaping, is to the right behind the camera. 




James Cooper Stewart - early 1900s




"An old Bowler" - James Cooper Stewart at Christmas 1909 aged 73.

He (re)marries in 1911 - a 31 year old divorcee from Sydney - it doesn't work!




James Cooper Stewart died on 18 August 1919, aged 73.  He was visiting his daughter May in Southsea (near Portsmouth).  He was probably also anticipating seeing daughters Isabella Aldous in Plymouth and Ethel Staples in Barnes (well, that's where she was just before WWI).  He was said to be overseas "on business".  This obituary appeared in the Australasian on Saturday 23 August 1919, and was also syndicated in other newspapers.



link to ancestors of George and Isabella Aldous & Alex and Matilda Sproule


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