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Links to the 1891 "Middlecoat judicial separation that wasn't" papers (size between 2mb and 5mb each)

UK National Archives J 77/473/4408



9 June 1891



Mary Middlecoat petitions for judicial separation.


27 July 1891



Francis Middlecoat responds with named adultery accusations and denial of the parentage of 3 children.


5 August 1891



Mary Middlecoat replies to Francis' accusations.






Transcript of the above documents (thanks to Piers Fletcher for this).  The transcript is ciaofamiglia.







Timeline, Alimony, Custody, Dismissal, then the papers are locked up till 1992 whilst they live together unhappily for another 30 years.




Francis Middlecoat was christened in Hackney, London on 27 July 1939 and died in Lambeth in 1922 aged 83.


Mary Henrietta Locke was christened in Nellore, Madras on 21 August 1850 and died in Wandsworth in 1928 aged 78.


Francis Middlecoat (26) and Mary Henrietta Locke (15) were married by the Revd Dr Murphy LlD in St George's Cathedral, Madras on 10 January 1866.